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Achaca AMLO violencia a FCH y EPN… y defiende estrategia

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Mexico.– President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed the violence in the country on the legacy of the governments of Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto and defended his security strategy, which he described as adequate.

During the morning, López Obrador said former PAN president Calderón gave the wasps’ nest a “stupid club” while his public security secretary, Genaro García Luna, colluded with the criminals. .

After the assassination of Hipólito Mora, former leader of the self-defense groups of Michoacán, AMLO affirmed that in the Government of the former PRI president, Peña Nieto, the groups linked to crime were organized and thus put the people at risk. fight with people.

“It’s happening because it has an antecedent, although sometimes we forget, what was provoked in the past. It’s a remnant of the violence that was sponsored and authorized by the Government,” he said. he accused.

“Remember that there was a drug state in Mexico, under the Government of Felipe Calderón, Felipe Calderón’s Secretary of Public Security, who is in prison, accused of complicity with drug traffickers, applied a strategy of eliminating some criminals and protecting others”.

“We must not forget that in an irresponsible, inhuman way, Felipe Calderón declared war precisely in Michoacán, in Tierra Caliente, there near Buenavista, in Apatzingán, it was one of his first acts of Government, misguided, wanting look good with foreign bodies, foreign agencies, to seek legitimacy, because they had stolen the presidency of the Republic”.

“Then he hit the wasp’s nest with a club like a fool. I still believe that we have the image where he arrives where Hipólito Mora was murdered yesterday, in the municipality of Buenavista, very close to Apatzingán, there he arrives dressed as a soldier and declares war, at the same time as his public security secretary is linked to criminal organizations”.

“That was what was happening, and this six-year term of horror is ending, with murders, massacres, disappearances, and the new Government of Peña Nieto intends to confront the violence by organizing Civil Guards, groups Vigilante groups at that time said vigilante groups also had ties to criminal groups.They pit the same people against each other.

The Federal President has made it clear that he will not change his security strategy.

“We inherited it and we are moving forward there, and it is not easy, but it is the right strategy and we will continue it, we are moving forward in Michoacán and in all the states. Of course, a crime of those- this is unfortunate and at the same time, well, very media-friendly”, condemned.

Originalmente publicado em https://diario.mx/nacional/achaca-amlo-violencia-a-fch-y-epn-y-defiende-estrategia-20230630-2071446.html

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